The best Netflix police series for this weekend

The best Netflix police series for this weekend

police series They are always a great attraction for the public, because the drama, the adrenaline and the suspense take over the viewers, for that reason in La Verdad Noticias, we will recommend the series and movies of this genre that have been a success and that are perfect for a good marathon.

The Snow Girlcombines investigation with suspense, since the protagonist of the plot is a journalist who goes to the bottom, to find out what happened to a girl, since it has been rumored that she was kidnapped, but will she still be alive? And if so, who will be to blame?

The Green Glove Gang, although it is a comedy, shows the lives of three thieves who, after committing a robbery gone wrong, decide to hide in a nursing home and pretend that they work there, but the story takes an unexpected turn that will not surprise you. you can lose

Police movies and series

Inside Man, is a good Netflix recommendation, as it all begins with a man who finds himself on death row after being accused of a brutal murder. His story connects with that of a shepherd who does something terrible to try to protect his family from him, do you dare to see it?

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Netflix: the best police series and movies

The forest shows an entertaining story, about Gaspard Deker is the police captain who leads the investigation, with the help of a lonely local teacher who, years ago, was found in the same forest where the girl disappeared, but she does not remember what happened. what happened to him, so he must try to recover his memory to save the new victim.

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