War in Ukraine: what to remember from the day of March 19

War in Ukraine: what to remember from the day of March 19

Vladimir Putin went to Mariupol, provoking the anger of kyiv which denounced Sunday “the cynicism” of the Russian president.

Vladimir Putin shows up in Ukraine. After visiting Crimea on Saturday for the 9th anniversary of the annexation of this Ukrainian peninsula by Russia, the head of the Kremlin appeared in Mariupol on the night of Saturday to Sunday. This is his first visit to a conquered area since the start of the Russian offensive in the country in February 2022. What to provoke the anger of kyiv, which denounced Sunday March 19 “cynicism” of the Russian President. On the battlefront, three civilians were killed and two others injured by Russian shelling on a village in Zaporizhya. Here’s what to remember from the day on the war front in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin appears in the streets of Mariupol

Vladimir Putin, who arrived by helicopter, toured the city at the wheel of a car, according to the Kremlin, which assures that this visit was “spontaneous”. According to images broadcast by Russian television, the trip took place at night, Vladimir Putin being presented with street lighting and speaking with residents. “We pray for you”assured him a resident, saying that the city was “a little piece of paradise”.

Vladimir Putin also visited a reconstructed musical theater and followed the presentation of a report on the reconstruction work of the ruined city, again according to the Kremlin.

Mariupol, a port city in southern Ukraine devastated by bombing, has become the symbol of resistance against the invasion of the country. Bbombarded for long weeks, the city finally fell in May 2022 after fierce resistance from Ukrainian soldiers entrenched, alongside civilians, in the underground passages of the huge Azovstal steelworks.

kyiv denounces the “cynicism” of the Russian president

The Russian president made this night visit “as if he were a thief”reacted the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. “Putin visited the Ukrainian city of Mariupol sheltering behind the night. First, it’s safer. And also, the night allows him to emphasize what he wants to show, and keeps the city that his army totally destroyed and his few surviving inhabitants safe from prying eyes”added the ministry on Twitter.

“Criminals always return to the scene of their crimes… The murderer of thousands of Mariupol families came to admire the ruins of the city and its graves. Cynicism and lack of remorse”for his part wrote on the social network the Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhaïlo Podoliak.

Three dead and two injured in shelling in Zaporizhia region

In the region of Zaporijjia, in the south of Ukraine, Russian bombardments killed three people on Sunday and injured two others, according to a report from local authorities communicated on Telegram.

The message states that a residential building in the village of Kamyanske was the target of a “cynical attack” and asks residents to leave dangerous areas.

The day before, dTwo people had been killed and eight injured by Russian strikes with “cluster munitions” in the city of Kramatorsk.

Paris calls ICC arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin ‘extremely important’ decision

The issuance on Friday by the International Criminal Court (ICC) of an arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin for war crimes in Ukraine is a decision “extremely important”said French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna in an interview with Sunday newspaper you March 19.

“It means that anyone responsible for war crimes or crimes against humanity will be held to account, regardless of their status or rank”says the head of French diplomacy in the weekly. “No link in the chain can now think they will escape justice and that should make many thinkshe continues. So it’s a decision that can change the course of events.”

The decision of the ICC, which sits in The Hague, concerns the “deportation” thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia since the start of the conflict with Ukraine a year ago, which constitutes a war crime.

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