Charged with the murder of Ulf Sandberg in Oskarshamn

Charged with the murder of Ulf Sandberg in Oskarshamn

According to the lawsuit, it was the 27-year-old man who killed Ulf Sandberg by stabbing him in the chest between seven and eight times. He alone is suspected of murder.

Together with a 30-year-old man, the 27-year-old is also guilty of aggravated robbery, according to the prosecutor. According to the lawsuit, they both held Sandberg down, surrounded him and repeatedly kicked him when he was down and took his watch from him.

Returned to the scene with a knife

Then the 27-year-old allegedly went off to get a knife. Meanwhile, the 30-year-old man kept watch and continued to demand money from Ulf Sandberg. Both are therefore also charged with attempted aggravated robbery.

According to the prosecutor, the acts are to be regarded as particularly serious because they were two people who attacked a “disabled and physically inferior man in the open street”. Large parts of the course of events are also said to have been filmed by the 30-year-old and are therefore an important part of the prosecutor’s evidence.

Ulf Sandberg was a well-known profile in Oskarshamn, not least considering his involvement in the hockey team IK Oskarshamn.

CLIP: The stabbing of Ulf Sandberg that shook Oskarshamn

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Ulf Sandberg, a well-known face in Oskarshamn, is stabbed in the middle of town. Two people are suspected of the crime. Here you get the background to what happened and how the city reacted to it. Photo: SVT, Storyblocks

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