"DSDS 2023": Off for Jill Lange!  Katja Krasavice's emotional farewell

“DSDS 2023”: Off for Jill Lange! Katja Krasavice’s emotional farewell

That was it for the “superstar” dream!

Hardly anyone cared in the current season of “Germany seeks the superstar” for as much fuss as candidate Jill Lange (22). In the casting she was asked by juror Dieter Bohlen (69): “Did you just graduate and let yourself be noodled?” – A saying that made waves. Co-juror Katja Krasavice (26) then published a diss track against Bohlen on TikTok, in which she clearly sided with Jill.

Jill obviously had more than Dieter had assumed – she made it into the top 16 of the DSDS candidates. In the recall in Thailand, the talents had to prove their singing skills in a duet on Saturday evening – but had to deal with minor and major ailments.

Candidate Jill had to listen to a stupid question from Dieter Bohlen in the casting

Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowis

Voice drama about Sem

Sem (29), who had been dealing with larynx problems for a long time, was hit the hardest. He wailed through tears Peter Lombardi (30) his suffering: “I had a laryngitis at the first jury casting. Then back to Mallorca. My doctor told me that I won’t be able to speak or sing for two weeks now.”

The juror was caught cold by the news – he had given Sem his golden CD: “It’s very sad when we lose Sem because of laryngitis.”

However, he had no intention of giving up and gave everything in a duet with Jaden (17). Coach Juliette Schoppmann (43) didn’t find it funny at all: “All I can really say is: stop! If you can’t sing, you can’t sing!”

Candidate Sem Eisinger on the beach at Coconut Island in Thailand

Sem Eisisinger (left) and Jaden Fischer

Photo: RTL / Markus Hertrich

Marleen (19) also suffered from health problems that brought her to her knees. After throwing up several times, she had to lie down shortly before her performance in Phuket’s old town and had Juliette supply her with ice cubes.

She feared the worst: “We have tried everything to stabilize the circulation. We can only really hope now that it’s still enough for the performance.” Marleen just wanted to get her duet with Lorent (19) over with: “For me, the main task is to persevere and make sure I don’t throw up.”

Marleen Schäfer and Lorent Berisha cut a fine figure

Marleen Schäfer and Lorent Berisha cut a fine figure

Photo: RTL / Markus Hertrich

Emotional words from Katja Krasavice

Luckily she managed to do that – but Marleen didn’t knock the judges out. She had to pack her bags and start the journey home. Despite his problems, the voice-stricken Sem went into the next round – the DSDS-Aus caught his duet partner Jaden.

After her duet performance with Monika (21), Jill Lange had to “Ain’t nobody” from Dieter Bohlen even received praise: “Jill, that was one of your better performances.”

DSDS-Juror Dieter Bohle

DSDS juror Dieter Bohlen

Photo: RTL / Markus Hertrich

In the big decision judged Katja personal words to Jill, obviously referring to the scandal that Bohlen’s words in the casting had caused: “It’s not difficult to see that every jury member has their favorites here. It’s also no secret, Jill, that you’re my favorite and that I always fight to the death here and stand up for you.”

Juror Katja Krasavice stood behind Jill Lange

Juror Katja Krasavice stood behind Jill Lange

Photo: RTL / Markus Hertrich

This time, however, Katja seemed to have reached her limits: “Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for you today.” Nevertheless, Katja would like to have more contact with Jill: “For me, you are a strong woman. If you need any tips or help you can always write and call me. I’m here for you. I’m grateful you were here.”

Katja said goodbye to her favorite candidate with a personal hug: “I really like you. Do not let it get you. From nobody.”

Jill reacted less emotionally – she even marveled that she’d made it this far: “I’m grateful for the time I’ve had.”

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