How to Create a New Google Calendar

How to Create a New Google Calendar

One of the advantages of using Google Calendar is the ability to create specific calendars for different occasions. That way, you improve the organization of routine and everyday commitments.

By setting up a new calendar around a certain topic, such as “Studies”, you can add events and manage everything related to it more easily – without getting in the way of other activities. In addition, you can edit the name and color to make it stand out even more.

How to Create a Google Calendar

Google only allows you to create a calendar from a computer, there is no such option in the mobile app. However, the created agenda will automatically appear in the browser and in the app. Below, check out the step-by-step for the task:

  1. open the Google Agenda;
  2. In the left part of the screen, under “Other calendars”, click on the “+” button;
  3. Select the option “Create new agenda”;
  4. Add a name and description for the new calendar;
  5. Click create schedule to confirm.

After creating the calendar, you can share it with others. To do so, simply click on the calendar and tap “Share with specific people or groups”. Then you can create events and manage with others.

How to edit calendar name and color

To customize the created agenda and make it more your face, you can quickly edit the name and change the color. See how:

  1. open the Google Agenda not computer;
  2. Under “My calendars”, search for the calendar you want to customize;
  3. Next to the agenda, click on “Options”;
  4. Modify the color of the calendar;
  5. Proceed to change the name by selecting “Settings & Sharing”;
  6. At the top, choose a new name and color.

Take advantage of the tools present in Google Calendar to manage your routine with organization and efficiency.

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