Ricardo Salinas registers "gobiernicolas" to market articles

Ricardo Salinas registers “gobiernicolas” to market articles

  • Ricardo Salinas is the third richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of 12 thousand 4 million dollars.

  • The tycoon has a community of 1.2 million followers on his Instagram account.

  • Salinas has around 110,000 employees at its disposal.

Constantly saw them at Ricardo Salinas mention the wordgobiernicolas” on their social networks, in a mockery mode government and he recently confirmed that he has trademarked said word, so he could pretty much trade any item he wanted, and even though he doesn’t need the money, he would just do it for the fun of it. merchandising that has that phrase, in addition, he considered joining with the scorpion dorado to carry out his plan.

Ricardo Salinas continuously cause controversy on the internet, since he is really active mainly in his account Twitter where he publishes something new every day.

The role of Ricardo Salinas

Despite the fact that the tycoon has no financial problems at all, in his companies he has made an effort to boost his business, especially Azteca Bank which is where he himself has assured that he has more profits, since this bank leads as the most chosen among Mexicans, and his main opponent is BBVA bancomer.

To impulse Banco Aztecathe millionaire has been in charge of constantly creating strategies in his banco, in order to differentiate itself from other banks by offering a different service. He has consistently shown support and interest in the cryptocurrencies and with it in the Bitcoinso 2 years ago Azteca Bank became the first to accept the cryptocurrenciessomething that will clearly have an impact, since it is said that this type of currency will predominate in the not too distant future.

In addition, he has implemented very intelligent strategies to convince people to have an account in said bank, since he has constantly been in charge of giving away a large sum of money, in addition to various prizes such as concert tickets, but for this the main requirement is that people have an account at their bank, which has been a very good strategy since this has convinced several users to open their account. He recently distributed $1 million among several people who received $100,000, he also recently gave away 20 double tickets to the Super Junior concert on February 15, because he was a sponsor, and obviously there is a great fandom for this South Korean group in Mexico, so many fans opened an account at their bank to have the opportunity.

Ricardo Salinas registers “gobiernicolas” and joins the Scorpion to market

Recently the millionaire made known to his followers that the word “gobiernicolas” was already registered in his name and with this, he could make use of and market products.

It is evident that Salinas He does not need money, so he would do it simply for fun, the profits would be donated to an animal shelter as he has done before, and he even asked for the support of his followers to make the designs that they carry and define said word that he describes as a public servant “dedicated to hindering the lives of Mexicans.”

“Would you like some caps, mugs, and t-shirts to use in your day-to-day life? Perhaps with the proceeds from the articles we can help foundations for dogs and cats. A phrase like this occurs to me… exhibit a government and help an animal, I know it sounds contradictory but it could be of great help to the country and to everyone”. She pointed to her Twitter account.

Anyone want to help me with some nice designs and define the word? Just for fun, I put up the money. She added her.

One of his followers proposed to invent a Superhero who would fight the “government” villains and with this, the tycoon labeled the golden scorpion and he proposed to start with the poster that he gave him for his birthday. Her proposal is auction an edition of 10 posters signed by the Scorpion, the designer and by him, they would be framed in a frame and would even have a QR with some amount of Bitcoin each.

and before this, the Golden Scorpion replied that he would put his “subjects” to work to see who would be the lucky ones to get the posters.

This is undoubtedly a creative idea that would not have occurred to anyone, starting with the brand that he registered in his name, which shows his shark mind.

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