Save old treasures and save 50 euros: Aldi sells cheap video converters

Save old treasures and save 50 euros: Aldi sells cheap video converters

Old VHS tapes and family videos: save these treasures before the colors fade. Aldi offers a converter that you can use to digitize the videos.

Before streaming services and DVD players, VHS tapes were popular for recording shows or family videos. Now they often lie in closets and boxes. However, the lifespan of the old cassettes is limited. Long-term storage does not do the inside of the magnetic tapes any good: over time, the colors become pale and image errors occur.

The Aldi online shop has the right device for transferring videos in different formats to the PC: The

Video converter from Rollei is on sale this week. We take a closer look at the equipment.

Aldi offer in detail: What can the video converter do?

Saving the contents of VHS cassettes on the PC and viewing the material on the display at the same time: that’s what Rollei’s video digitizer promises. The small device is equipped with a display and all the necessary connections for transmission. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, you don’t need a socket nearby.

Handling should be particularly easy. However, the prerequisite for use is that you have a VHS cassette recorder or another suitable playback device such as the camcorder. You connect the video recorder to the converter using the cables supplied. The device then translates the analogue image data from the VHS cassette recorder and converts it into the video format MP4. All computers, mobile phones and tablets can then play this file. Check the quality on the display during the transfer.

The video is saved either on the PC or directly on a memory card (not included). The converter supports VHS, S-VHS, Betamax, VHS-C, 8 mm, Hi8, Digital 8 and Mini DV as possible output formats.

Our tip: Before dubbing, run the VHS tape through once. This will clean up the magnetic stripe and improve the quality of the video.

Is a video converter worth it?

A video converter comes in handy, especially if you have a large collection of video cassettes or analogue family films. Because many providers who digitize video cassettes calculate the prices per minute. That can quickly become expensive. If you still have a video recorder at home, the Rollei device is a good choice for backing up old recordings.

The price in the Aldi online shop is very good today. You save 50 euros on the RRP and get a high-quality device from a well-known brand. Especially the display helps during the transfer. This way you can see whether the quality of the video is still okay. The popular discounter is offering a real bargain today.

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Even more bargains from today

There are now great offers not only in the Aldi online shop. We have collected the best deals from other retailers here for you. It’s worth browsing!

This is how we find the top deals

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