Vucetich's forceful message after winning against Tigres

Vucetich’s forceful message after winning against Tigres

The Monterrey Football Club is more leader than ever in the Clausura 2023 tournament with 31 units after winning the Clásico Regio at ‘El Volcán’, so for now, the team led by Victor Manuel Vucetich Well, it has been the one who has shown the best football.

However, the coach has been forceful and has said that they have not won anything, so they will seek to stay among the best four teams in the standings and later go for the championship.

““We have had a good campaign, we have not won anything, we played defined stages in Mexican soccer, we will seek to be among the first four and of course the championship””

Victor Manuel Vucetich.

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Monterrey is the leader of the championship and has eleven games without losing in the tournament, so ‘They pull‘ He left the door open to dose the campus in the month of April.

“It will be a fundamental moment to analyze the moments of each of the players, we will try to give a dosage, a strong job to those who have not had participation and we will continue with that attitude, conviction and not give up,” he said.

Also, the ‘king midas‘ congratulated his team, since they had not won at home in recent years, precisely in the Clausura 2016.

“I want to congratulate the players, they have played an extraordinary game, and our fans who are far away and live it with the same intensity. It is a thank you for what they worked on today, and calm, happy for this type of moment, ”he mentioned.

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