What was missing: the "thorroriders" appeared in Concordia

What was missing: the “thorroriders” appeared in Concordia

Criminals on horseback entered to rob a house in the Villa Adela neighborhood in Concordia and upon being discovered by the owners, they withdrew, firing firearms.

As it turned out, the owner of the house was surprised at dawn to see through the cameras “people on horseback inside his house.

“There were 3 horses and four people,” the locals said. Seeing them, the owner tried to get them out, but was attacked with firearms by the “jet-riders.”

Neighbors affirm that the protagonists of the video have already passed through the area on other occasions with the intention of stealing. It is also understood that from the images they believe that they are already identified.

“We were surprised by the fact that my son suffered because it is a fairly quiet area, with working neighbors, people who get up, people who work all day to have something,” Ema, mother of the owner of the house, told Elonce. where the event happened.

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