"It's priceless": despite a big hassle, Cindy Van Der Auwera (Large Families) was finally able to celebrate Eimeo's birthday "as it should be"

“It’s priceless”: despite a big hassle, Cindy Van Der Auwera (Large Families) was finally able to celebrate Eimeo’s birthday “as it should be”

This Saturday, March 18, after having gone through many adventures that she shared with her subscribers on Instagram, Cindy Van Der Auwera was finally able to celebrate her son Eimeo’s birthday as it should be!

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This Saturday March 18 was not easy for Cindy Van Der Auwera. Indeed, the former participant of the docu-reality Large families: life in XXL bent over backwards to organize in disaster the birthday of one of his eleven toddlers, Eimeo. Only, nothing happened as she wished! “It’s Eimeo’s birthday, we’ll be able to do activities, except that I ordered some decoration that I’ve been waiting for since Thursday, it still hasn’t been delivered. On m’a dit ‘yes yes, it will be delivered today’ and today, Saturday, his birthday, I still have nothing in my mail“, she briefly explained to her subscribers in her Instagram story. But the fans of the young mother know it perfectly well: it takes a lot more to discourage her!

“Happiness can be read on his face”

As usual, Sébastien’s wife embarked on her Instagram community in her adventures. And after having collected the cake from the pastry shop and scoured the stores, in search of decorative elements adapted to the theme of the birthday, Cindy rushed home to get to work. A few scissors later, the former candidate for the TF1 program calmed down by noting that, despite “unforeseen“, she knew how to satisfy her little boy. “Happiness can be read on his face”, she wrote in her Instagram story. Before adding, posting a video showing Eimeo thanking, not without emotion, his guests as well as his brothers and sisters: “He is happy and that is priceless!

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An unforgettable day

When it comes to the happiness of her children, Cindy Van Der Auwera is ready for anything! After enjoying the event as it should, the young mother posted on her Instagram account an adorable family photo (visible HERE) and said: “With what happened at the beginning of the school year for Eimeo it was important to wish his birthday as it should be, with the presence of some class friends. And to add with emotion:It made him realize that he was also loved at school. Thank you to his little comrades for this day which will remain engraved in his memory!

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