Urgent temporary jobs for migrants

Urgent temporary jobs for migrants

Juarez City.— Temporary jobs for migrants, without many requirements and in which it is easy to hire while they wait their turn to cross into the United States, proposed Jesús Manuel Salayandía Lara, national vice president of Maquiladoras and the Border Zone in Canacintra at the Mexican level.

For this, he said that it is necessary for both businessmen and governments to come to an agreement and create strategies that allow their integration into the labor market, since until now neither one nor the other has done anything about it.

increasingly complex

“Every time this migratory situation becomes more complex, more difficult, and here in Juárez we experience it more strongly, but the governments just ‘play the ball,’” he said.

He mentioned that joint strategies of the three levels of government are required to face the migratory crisis that Juárez is going through, a city to which migrants do not stop arriving both by air and by land, and now even by rail.

“There must be more innovative schemes so that these people have the opportunity to work, that is, there must be focused schemes in which they can be hired easily, offer them short-term jobs, which can only be achieved by having real coordination between business chambers and the Government, but I do not see that coordination of the business community with the Government”, he highlighted.

He explained that although there have been efforts by some companies to hire migrants, especially the maquilas, which are the ones that need people the most, the positions are not accepted by the schemes they manage.

‘Maquila is not so attractive’

“The maquila is not so attractive from a labor point of view,” he said.

He added that there is also the other part, of those foreigners who refuse to work under the argument that they are only passing through the city.

“While they are passing through, they should be offered innovative ideas so that they say: ‘we want to work just one month, one week, 20 days, etc.’ That is the type of schemes in which you have to be working, ”he said.

With 32,233 crossings registered by the Border Patrol during February, the El Paso Sector remained for the fifth consecutive month as the area with the highest irregular entry of migrants from Mexico to the United States, half of them of Mexican origin, according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics.

Salayandía Lara mentioned that migration is an issue that will go up in his work plan as national vice president of Maquiladoras and the Border Zone in Canacintra Mexico.

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