Symbiogenesis: the teaser trailer reveals the new world based on NFT

Symbiogenesis: the teaser trailer reveals the new world based on NFT

On the other four months of when Square Enix has revealed the artistic metaverse with eroi NFT, Symbiogenesis, the notorious publisher is back in southern Carica Project dedicated to Web 3.0 with a new teaser trailer of the venturo gioco. If you know Symbiogenesis is an experience based on Web technology, what are you doing with that?

A further reveal of his venture production is the stessa Square Enix that, through a purposefully designed site, has spread to the entire world that those who could live in the very future. “L’umanità è riuscita sopravvivere living on the fluctuating continent, l’ultimo sicuro paradiso terrestrial dove vivere è ancora possible nonostante l’inquinamento. Non essendoci più conflitti, le persone vivono while recuperano progressively l’ormai perduta civiltà del pasato”.

tuttavia“, always reports the Square Enix site, “le loro vite pacifiche sono state scosse dall’improvviso attacco del Drago, che ha messo in pericolo l’esistenza stessa of the continent fluctuating. While the human race responded to its attack, if they were found in front of the sky that determined the fate of the parrot. Unveiling the mysterious dietro that originated from this world, parrot will capture the necessary decisions to lead it towards an ideal future.”.

This is the information related to the narrative component that will really mess with Symbiogenesis. Tuttavia, le informazioni non terminano qui: siempre dalla medesima fronte è infatti possibile evincere maggiori dettagli sul progetto, como nel caso della Presence of 10 thousand NFT characters from the design and from the unique story.

The game is definitely coming from Square Enix as a “narrative intratenimento basato sullo sblocco di NFT. Esso sarà incentrato his alcune meccaniche di explorazione del mundo di gioco, turned to the scoperta dei secreti che domino il fluttuante e non solo continent. We know that the narrative structure of Symbiogenesis will be characterized by a subdivision in capitoli: it does not deal with an element marginale nell’ottica dell’intera produzione, in quanto il livello di difficoltà will be univocally tarato to guarantee a story-driven experience accessible to everyone.

Inoltre, the whole game impianto is this concept to favor the system based on its NFT, although it is possible giocare e completare i sei capitoli della storia sinza possedere NFT. If it is a project of the davvero interesting concept for those who like the peculiarity of Web 3.0, so in front of the attempt – in parallel – I will offer a courageous spettacolo based on action on your PS5 with Final Fantasy 16 and video productions più online with gl stilemi del medium di referimento.

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